Want to Increase the Value of your Home?

Dated: April 26 2022

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Curb appeal is so important to your homes overall aesthetic and value. Picture yourself on a Sunday afternoon driving through your favourite neighbourhood. What do you notice? What makes this your favourite neighbourhood? Is it the meticulous lawns, the beautiful flowers in the landscaping? Maybe it’s the wrap around porches or a more modern walkway? Whatever attracts you to a home, will likely be the same things that attract others to your homes exterior and make your place memorable.

Here are some top items that are trending in 2022 that can boost your homes value and curb appeal.

1. Landscaping. This is one of the easiest and budget friendly updates you can make. Everyone loves to see a nicely maintained lawn with beautiful shrubs, trees and colourful plants. But how do you take it up a notch? Add elements of stone and wood, and other sustainable natural elements. Keeping your lawns and plants looking top notch requires little more than weekly maintenance during the warmer months. As the years go by and your gardens mature, this will increase the value of your home and its curb appeal.

2. If your budget allows, changing your garage doors will make a big splash. On trend for 2022 are doors with vertical windows stacked horizontally or even a flush panel of windows. Families are using their garage spaces for more than just parking a car, so having all that natural light will allow you to convert the space into a functional and airy workspace, gym or hobby centre. So opt for windows if you want instant curb appeal.

3. Is your home in need of new windows? This is one area that can make a big impact on your homes exterior. We are seeing the trend of long straight line windows as well as large picture windows framed in black. These windows allow for light to flood your home, and with more people staying indoors these days, it makes for an extremely inviting space.

4. Your driveway is the path leading to your home and can make a big impact. If your budget allows, patterned concrete is the way to go to increase the value of your home. You can choose your colours, style and pattern to suit your homes exterior.

5. Another budget friendly idea that can change the whole look of your home is paint. Choose a neutral tone and add a pop of colour to your front door. You can also incorporate colour in the flowers you plant and your outdoor accessories, like hanging planters or urns, seating, throw pillows, wall decor and more. But make sure to keep your colour selection to a maximum of 3, otherwise it begins to look too busy.

The overall appeal of your homes exterior will play a big part to buyers when you are planning on selling your home. Making small improvements annually, will make it much more affordable. If necessary, you can hire a landscape architect or ask your gardening centre if they can help you with a plan. There are also many online resources you can browse to get some great ideas. If you need any recommendations, please reach out, I would love to help anytime.

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Want to Increase the Value of your Home?

Curb appeal is so important to your homes overall aesthetic and value. Picture yourself on a Sunday afternoon driving through your favourite neighbourhood. What do you notice? What makes this your

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